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Jul 2, 2017

The summer season at Château de la Pioline

A few kilometres from the beautiful city of Aix-en-Provence hides a secret garden where the soothing sounds of the River Arc's clear waters mark the leisurely passage of time. A haven of peace nestled in a four-hectare park, Château de la Pioline is a perfect spot for the summer.

At the foot of hundred-year-old Lime trees, shaded by the dense foliage, time slows down to a crawl on the restaurant's terrace, where seconds seem to last hours. When summer arrives, the tables are dressed, ready to receive guests in a haven of tranquillity. Château de la Pioline's terrace reflects its pleasant natural setting. The stately trees, low stone walls and paving combine to create an impression of timelessness and an exquisite dining experience. Enjoy breakfast at your leisure, as you help yourself to the buffet presented indoors, accompanied by the gentle sounds of the morning. For lunch and dinner, when the warm rays of the sun envelope the Château, the terrace becomes an oasis, offering a superb view over the garden. Harmonious and well-tended, the plants blend into a perfectly balanced landscape. The lawn, box tree hedges, straight lines, columns and sculptures lend the Château an ageless patina and show it off in its best light. When summer arrives, the terrace and garden come together to offer their guests all the comfort of a carefully tended natural setting.

The Château has an outdoor pool for cool, refreshing dips on hot days. Open for the summer, it provides the ideal setting for a moment of relaxation. With deck chairs, coffee tables and a drinks and snacks service, all you need do is lie back and enjoy. Children can also enjoy the pool's turquoise waters, with games, rubber rings and armbands. The spirit of the Château is truly expressed through such attention to details. Guests can feel at home here, welcomed with sincerity and kindness by members of staff whose aim is to ensure their well-being. Château de la Pioline provides everything to make its guests' summer break a memorable experience.